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About Us

finalVertical United for Humanity (“VUH”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in December 2006.  The organization was found and formed by a diverse group of business professionals, thought leaders, and executives.  Utilizing their various background skills from financial to technology, they came together for one purpose, “to become socially responsible individuals”.  VUH members are committed to dedicate their time for mission that will enable them to focus on helping humankind.  VUH serves a community of people who are faced with countless, social and economic challenges.  With the current economic downturn, these challenges have been increasing in digits and more people are living poorly these days.   Evidently, there are an increased number of children who now apply for free or reduced school lunches, as well as the elderly who apply for free Medicare or Medicaid.


The organization focuses are to provide & assist the younger generation with the most valuable tools that will lead them to a successful career of choice; offer children the after school homework assistance program that will improve their reading, writing, and math; help the elderly and low-income families to enhance the quality of life.


It’s our belief that there is no-one should be left behind.  We believe there is no better place than a happy and healthy home, and there’s no better success than having the right career in hand.  Our primary goal is to improve and sustain a better, healthier life style for humankind.


VUH is willing to challenge difficult tasks in order to achieve our mission from its conception to the end. We will help and rebuild peoples’ lives.  Together we will find happiness within ourselves, and for those who need us during the difficult times.